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My girlfriend Janine.....aka: The moste beautyful girl in the girl could top her! she´s awesome....I lover her!!
I spend so much time with her that I often forget my homework and stuff.....but what does it matters! When you love anybody you do everything for him/her! and that´s how I do!
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Love you baby

Johanno-Joy is my brothers girl! She is cool and friendly.....but too much emo! stop those emo-sentences! love you
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Sarah is my best friend, we know us since we were born! When I got a problem I can go to her and she could go to me!
luv ya

Denise.....she........uh......she´s just........I don´t know.....luv ya

Helena, she´s just the strangest person I´ve ever seen! she is so confusing, but also damn cool! luv ya
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Toni is so cool and he´s the best piano-player I know! I know him from......ähm.....I don´t really just came how it came! He´s cool and I enjoy making music with him!
Toni I´m looking forward to making music with you and katti...
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Jenny.....I know her since we met at Ternsche! she is cool and she likes Coheed! I´m looking forward to go on a concert of them with her! luv ya

Joy= Strange, Cool, cool friend, talk when I want, talks when she wants luv her

David is joy´s lover they fell in love a hundred times and he´s cool. We know us since the elementary school. @ you all: Call him Dave!!!

Alex S. he´s damn cool and is always giving me good influences!
he´s great and he treats my girl good..... so....we got to see us again!

Simone is small but you got to watch out she´s gonna kick your ass about her back! luv ya

Andrej is the biggest dork I know....but he´s kind of my best friend! he´s cool in every way! Get me those dave chapelle scenes!!!!!

Tim the poser and me, we know us since first class! He loves this stupid headache music! but he´s cool!

Daniel aka Stiffmaster! he´s cool and organizes the biggest and best parties ever!

Katti ....I don´t know her that long...just a couple of weeks, but everytime we met I enjoyed it, it was damn cool!
She´s go this amazing guitar and that things kick ass!

Furby (Bif) he´s damn cool......and I know how your weekend was.....I know everything, but hey....that´s okay!
He´s a master in handball and it´s fun making party and playing handball everytime.

I don´t know if I should add Isa here, because I don´t know her that long... to be honest: I know her for one day....but I´m looking forward to meeting her again...that´s gonna be great....maybe on a concert or a pardy!

Babsi is damn cool.... we know us since kindergarden times. We´ve been always in a good conection and know we´re doing the exchange trip, we got to know us better and better!
luv ya

Carola fell down from Lino... but I don´t know who´s fault it was....maybe it was mine. but however she´s cool and she makes funny jokes I like her very much! my elbow is very thankful for falling on the street caro......luv ya

Elisa, she´s great but she gets drunk very often but she´s cool and making pardy with her is great!

Lea is the best singer I´ve ever seen she´s awesome and playing "my immortal" is just heaven! she´s great and awesome and making music with her is fun!

Wikwam girl, she´s cool....but I´m sorry that I shot that ball into your ass and also that I always call you by the wrong name....but I know´re martina....haha....

Juji...she´s cool but strange.....well.... I just luv ya

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