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In Love And Death

Thank you for Loving me
Thank you for Beeing with me
Thank you for Kissing me

I gave you my heart when I meet you 11 months ago
and I´m still loving you baby

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16.6.06 12:19


My baby and I are now in love for about 10 months, the best time ever spend!
I love you baby
I really do
19.5.06 18:14

7 Months

Today it?s seven months ago that I fell in love with my baby janine!!
I loved her since the first day, and I still do, I will do!!
I love you baby!
16.2.06 16:59

Started once again

I just started another pager after some months!! Just to let you write into my guestbook!

Oh and yes check out this band!!Force
2.2.06 15:49

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